YOURS is about making an OpenSource routeplanner using OpenSource software and data as much as possible. The OpenStreetMap geographic data is the most important part in this project. While being nowhere near complete enough to be able to say that it covers the whole world, it contains some pretty complete data for countries like: the Netherlands, United Kingdon, United States and Germany. Some other countries are not far behind. So the time is there to actually put the OpenStreetMap data to use.


This website is a showcase for the YOURS project.


The source code for the YOURS project and this website is available under the BSD license. See the wiki link below for more information.

Use YOURS as the routing engine in your application

The routing API is OpenSource and open to 3rd party applications. This means that you can either implement a copy of the routing API or use this website as the routing backend for your application. See the wiki link below for more information.

More information

Please visit the YOURS wiki page for more information.

Things to do (Wishlist in random order)


For more information, questions/feedback or want to lend a helping hand please visit the OpenStreetMap forum or send me a message through the OSM messaging function. If you do not have an OpenStreetMap account email me directly: osm at na1400 dot info.